LTE Frequency Bands

LTE support two duplexing modes:

  1. TD-LTE : Time Divison Duplexing LTE.
    • Both downlink and uplink transmission takes place at the same carrier frequency, unpaired spectrum, at different time slots.
    • The UL and DL slots are isolated through gaurd period. One merit TD-LTE is UL and DL capacity can be changed dynamicallcay.
    • No diplexer is required for TD-LTE, so cheaper UEs.
  2. FDD-LTE : Frequency Divisin Duplexing.
    • In FDD operation two carrier frequencies are required, paired spectrum. One for uplink transmission(f_{ul}) and other for downlink transmission (f_{dl}).
    • UL and DL isolation through gaurd bands.

The following LTE frequency band table is based on ETSI TS 136 101 V12.5.0(2014-11). The LTE/E-UTRA bands 1-32 are allocated to FDD-LTE and bands 33-44 are for TD-LTE bands. The initial choice TD-LTE is driven purely by spectrum availability.

E-UTRA BandName /
Freq Band (MHz)
Downlink (MHz) Uplink (MHz) BWDuplex ModeDuplexGeo
4AWS 1211021551710175545FDD400NAR
6UMTS only87588583084010FDD45APAC
10AWS 1+3211021701710177060FDD400NAR
111500 Lower1475.91495.91427.91447.920FDD48Japan
12700 ac72974669971617FDD30NAR
13700 c74675677778710FDD-31NAR
14700 PS75876878879810FDD-30NAR
17700 bc73474670471612FDD30NAR
18800 Lower86087581583015FDD45Japan
19800 Upper87589083084515FDD45Japan
20800 DD79182183286230FDD-41EMEA
211500 Upper1495.91510.91447.91462.915FDD48Japan
232000 S-band218022002000202020FDD180NAR
241600 L-band152515591626.51660.534FDD-101.5NAR
251900 +193019951850191565FDD80NAR
26850 +85989481484935FDD45NAR
27800 SMR85286980782417FDD45NAR
28700 APT75880370374845FDD55APAC
29700 de717728No uplinkNo uplink11FDDNAR
302300 WCS235023602305231510FDD45NAR
321500 L-band14521496No uplinkNo uplink44FDDEMEA
33TD 19001900192020TDD
34TD 20002010202515TDDEMEA
35TD PCS Lower1850191060TDDNAR
36TD PCS Upper1930199060TDDNAR
37TD PCS Center1910193020TDDNAR
38TD 26002570262050TDDEMEA
39TD 1900 +1880192040TDDChina
40TD 230023002400100TDDChina
41TD 250024962690194TDDAll
42TD 350034003600200TDD
43TD 370036003800200TDD
44TD 700703803100TDDAPAC

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